Through exploration of meditative practices, movement, and sensuality, I have seen my perceptions of the world shift. As such, the dance between these physical, emotional and spiritual forms has profoundly influenced my work.

During my process, I use form, line, shape, and colour to re-examine and reaffirm who I am when external constructs slip away. This study allows me to express deep stirrings to which I can’t place words.

I have a deep fascination for how an individual’s personal and collective experience shapes their perceptions of the world to create a lens through which they define themselves. We keep stories hidden in the pockets of our bodies— soft, secretive folds and rolls that share a colourful song in the language of flesh. It is time that we acknowledge these stories.

It is my hope that each person that encounters my work feels called to explore their own perceptions with the same sense of curiosity.


Image: The Serpent and Seed, ink & watercolour on paper, 2019


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